The Needed Ban on AR-15’s


With the rate of gun violence increasing in the United States in recent times, it is best that the AR-15 assault rifles should be banned from civilian purchase. Alarming rates of mass shootings and less lethal grade weapons than the AR-15 to use as self defense highlight the reasons why purchase should be banned. Although the AR-15 is a civilian variant, there is no situation where a noncombatant will need an assault weapon to inflict massive and rapid damage. In a New York Times article, Nate Bethea, an American infantry officer, argued that assault rifles are “intended for the battlefield” and therefore has no place in a noncombat zone. A fellow soldier of Bethea also agreed the “average person may not understand its ballistics” and can induce brutal damages to humans. This influenced various mass shootings such as the Sandy Hook massacre, Aurora theater, and San Bernardino, to have one common thread: the presence of the dangerous AR-15. Furthermore, those who insist on buying the AR-15 (a variant of military grade weapons) for self defense purposes are deemed too extreme. The option to buy less lethal weapon such as a semi-automatic pistol limits the likelihood of destruction on large numbers of people simultaneously. Altogether, the AR-15 has played a horrendous role in American society which is why the legal civilians purchase of these killing machines should no longer be permitted.


The Most Satisfying Restaurant, Wingstop


The the ace of all restaurants, the place where anyone can go to to conquer their hunger, Wingstop. With one foot in the door the aroma of Cajun tossed fries sneaks into your nostrils, tickling every follicle of hair that resides in there. It triggers a waterfall of saliva that coats all around your tongue provoking a beast like hunger from within. Furthermore, the decor of the place is rustic and has metal parallel pattern fences that runs along the sides of the walls lined with chairs and tables. They add on to the theme by displaying earth-tone lighting that makes it feel cozy and relaxing as if it was a familiar home. They also have flat screen televisions, hanging from every corner of the ceiling, like monkeys on vines, that contrast the mellow lighting by broadcasting the bright pixels of sporting games. On the food spectrum, the wings are enormous and glazed entirely with sauce that drips down fingertips as teeth bites into the tender and juicy meat. The mango habanero sauce is flavorful and tangy, it coats the lips with slight heat that can be down by the bubbles of a cool and refreshing soda. The fries are steaming hot and coated with the salty but yet sweet crystal seasoning that shimmers in the light. They are crisp like chips on the outside but soft and fluffy like a warm pillow on the inside. Overall, Wingstop is a safe haven for those who need to subdue their hunger for mouthwatering wings and steaming hot delicious fries.

Inevitable Name Change for the Washington Redskins


The Washington Redskins should change their name and logo because it perpetuates a negative stereotype of Native Americans, an already underrepresented minority in America. The name itself stereotypes a group of people and can come across as offensive to many. In fact, most dictionaries defines the term redskin as disparaging and crude. Traditions do not necessarily reflect the zeitgeist of today and as representation becomes a more prominent conversation, the name of the Washington’s football team should focus on reforms. The name redskin in modern day America is deemed inappropriate and is no different than calling an African-American by the ‘N’ word. Furthermore, having a logo that represents colonialism and its non-Native American player on the football field is insulting to it misrepresented victims. Altogether, the Washington Redskins should honor the legacy of the Native Americans by changing their name and logo to something more culturally appropriate.

Student Sent to Jail for Doodling on Desk


The school’s response to the Gonzalez’s doodles on her desk was overly aggressive; sending her to prison was outrageous since the offence was so minimal. If I was a principal for a middle school, I would have not punished her for her doodles, but instead encourage her to take an art class where she can further her artistic outlet. In examination of the school’s response, her doodles on the school’s desk should have not warranted an arrest. The “offence” that resulted in police involvement in the incident can be seen as too extreme. The response was idiotic in a sense that though the school was trying to enforce the no tolerance rules, they did not apply common sense to their enforcement.  For example, I would have dealt with the student to a lesser degree by simply giving her a verbal warning to not doodle on the desk again. Even if she decides to draw on her desk again after the verbal warning, the farthest punishment that I would deliver is to give her detention. I would have also offer the student to take an art class so that it does not discourages her artistic outlet and gives her a way to positively doodle all she wants.

Homosexuality in the NFL


If I was a coach for an NFL Football team and one of my players decide to come out and say that he was gay, I would still keep him on the team and even support him for being brave enough to reveal this in front of all his peers; I would also make sure that he will not be harassed by anyone on the team. In further detail, there has been an on-going controversial discussion on whether gays can participate in certain sports organizations. The norm of society has yet to accept homosexuality into their beliefs, which makes many who are gay feel threatened and forced to hide their sexuality in order to participate in certain organizations. In the event of one football player deciding to come out and say that he is gay in front of the team, I would still keep him on the team and support him for being brave enough to reveal his sexuality to his teammates. Just because the football player is gay, makes no difference to how well he plays in comparison to others. Furthermore, I would also make sure that he will not be harassed by the other members of the team by implementing punishments to those that do so. Punishments such as twenty bear crawls across the field and fifteen mile runs will be in place for those that decide to harass a teammate’s sexuality. Altogether, a football player being gay has no correlation to how well he will play, which is why I will support the players beliefs and still have him on the team and also implement punishments to those who harass the players.

The Positives of Teachers on Student’s Social Media


Teachers should be allowed to become “friends” with their students on social networking sites because it helps students get easier class notifications and introduces them connections to the job market later on in their life. In further explanation, with the use of social networking, teachers would be allowed to directly send notifications to their students about class agendas and assignments. This is because students are always on social networking sites, which means they never miss a single “tweet” or “message notification”. These helpful tools allow the teacher an easier way to contact their students for any reasons such as a last minute class cancellation or bonus points to an assignment. Furthermore, students who become friends with their teacher on social networking sites will help them later on in their work life. This is because these same exact teachers could assist these students by networking them to certain companies or employers looking to hire. The use of these social networking sites is all about making connections. Therefore, it would greatly help a student to become friends with their teachers on these sites because it would allow students to have their teachers as a connection to job opportunities while also using them as reference to these occupations. Altogether, teachers should be allowed to become friends with their students on social networking sites because it would help students receive every class notification with ease and gives students connections to the job market later on in their life.

Failures of E-Textbooks only Colleges


Colleges should not switch to using only e-textbooks because it would generate a problem for students financially and technologically which would result in unnecessary stress on their college career. The first problem to arise as a consequence of a e-textbook only campus would be that it would force students to spend more money on their costly tuition. This is because they are now required to buy a laptop or tablet, that cost on average $500, to house their e-textbooks. With many students depending on financial aid to help them get through college, it would ensue  in many students becoming unable to afford an e-textbook for a class. The second issue with having only e-textbooks available in college is that there are many technical problems that can arise from it. For example, students may one night plan to study for a test by reading their e-textbook, however they soon find out that they can not access it because of technical issues. Technical difficulties such as their laptop crashing, Internet failing, and files becoming corrupt and inaccessible are some of the many problems mandatory e-textbooks would cause. However, if students had a direct copy of the textbook,they would not have to stress about these technological issues because the hard copy would be resistant to being lost or ruined. Overall, colleges should not switch to using only e-textbooks because it would burden students financially and technically only to place more stress on a student’s college career.